Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Sign

Want a great way to say Happy Birthday? This yard sign is just the thing then. This sign is made for a group of girls so that explains the pink... this could be done in any color.

So to get started I used a 15"x10" piece of routed MDF. I painted it chocolate brown.

After the paint dried I applied the vinyl. This is currently my favorite Happy Birthday layout.

Okay now the easy part is done. Want to use it inside? Just put a back or a handle on it and you're good to go. For a cute yard sign though, this is what you need. You need a stake, wood screws (I used 1") and I also used liquid nail. (I bought all of these at Lowe's). While I was there buying the screws one of the workers told me about liquid nail... it is sold in a little tube in the paint section. He said it would just make it extra secure.

Okay so make sure your stake is sanded really well so that you don't get any splinters. I tried to skip this next step and I ended up having to go back and re-do, so do not skip this step! The next thing you need to do is find a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw you're going to use. Measure and mark where you want to attach the stake to your sign and where you want the screws to go. After you have this marked drill all the way through the stake and drill partially into the back of the sign. (This will allow you drill the screw in without cracking the wood or having the screw go in crooked.) Okay so now that the holes are in it's time to squirt the liquid nail on the sign and line up the holes so you can put the screws in. I'm more creative than scientific... I used toothpicks to line up the holes, (I'm sure my husband is getting a chuckle out of this if he's reading it.) But it worked. I took out the toothpick and drilled my first screw in, then moved on to screw number 2 and I was done! I wiped off any excess glue and left it to dry.

You may have noticed in the picture that I put the sign down a little so you can see the stake on top. I did this on the advice from my husband and the worker at Lowe's who said it would last longer if there wasn't so much hammering behind the sign when it was put into the yard each time. If you were just using this for your family that would probably be fine, but this is going to see quite a bit of use so I followed their advice and put a little ribbon on top. If you know me you know I love to add ribbon to anything I can so that worked out great. I also sprayed a light coat of lacquer over the sign and melted the ends of the ribbon to avoid fraying.

Hope you have a fun time crafting.


As always, if you don't want to do it yourself send me an email: customerservice@signaturecreationsllc.com

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