Monday, April 30, 2012

Balloon Sandals

My daughters saw these fun sandals online and wanted to make them. They were cheap, fun and easy to make!
We pick up your basic flip flops at Old Navy. They were two for $5.00 and had a ton of fun colors to choose from.
We picked up water balloons from Target and ended up using just under two packages of 50 count each for each set of sandals. The dollar store would be a great place to pick these up as well.
The key to making these is stretching the balloons out before you tie them on the sandals. Also you want to make sure that you alternate the way that you tie the balloons on.
We watched a movie while we made these and it did take us about the whole movie to make them so I wouldn't recommend this craft for a birthday party, but it was fun for a girls afternoon with each other.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome Wreathe

I love how this Welcome wreathe and board turned out! It was definitely one of those projects that kept evolving. I originally intended on it being a Spring wreathe. Unfortunately Spring is so short in AZ and so I decided to make it into a Welcome sign and switch out the wreathes throughout the year. For the wreathe I cut out small circles out of felt. I folded them in quarters and then pinned each one on the wreathe.
I also stained the wood and the bead board and let the wood dry for 24 hours.
I put wood glue on the back of the bead board and put clamps on each of the corners and let it dry for 24 hours.
I put wire on the back of the board and tied the ribbon on the back of the wire.