Monday, February 10, 2014

Burlap Wreathe

I'm totally in love with how this burlap wreathe turned out!  I'll admit that I'm very partial to the color red and burlap in red is amazing!  The wreathe itself was really easy to make but a little on the pricey side.  I bought a 9" wide roll of burlap and needed 1 1/2 to complete the project. The rolls of burlap were $20 each so if you can find a good sale on it that would be a bonus.

My first step was painting my wreathe red.  Next I used a kitchen bowl to trace and cut my circles out. I used a brown washable marker to trace the circles.  It washed right off my bowl afterwards and I could see the lines on my burlap.

Once my circles were cut I folded them in quarters and pinned them in the wreathe.  This technique of pinning is much easier with felt, but using a wider pin head works.  You could sew the ends and then hot glue it, but I try to avoid using hot glue for something I may use outside in the summer time because of the heat!  This is how it looks in progress.

I love changing out the wreathes on my welcome sign for the different seasons.  I think this wreathe would be cute for Christmas, Valentine's and 4th of July!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Valentine Box

Last year for school my son had to make a creative Valentine Box!  He loves playing with Legos so we decided to make a Lego style box!  It was so easy and super fun!

The first step was to glue hot chocolate or coffee cup lids onto the top of a shoe box.

Next I let him pick out a spray paint color and we (him with a lot of supervision) went to town spray painting it!
After the paint dried we added some stickers and that was it!  Yes there are some streaks and the lids are not glued on perfectly straight but we sure had a lot of fun making it together!