Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's The Little Things That Matter

This is one of my favorite "traditions" that David and I have. A few years ago I made this little Love Notes book with a 6"x8"photo book. It has the nice thick pages that you can write and keep love notes in long term. David and I take turns from time to time writing each other Love Notes. I tied a little piece of ribbon to mark the page for easy access to the latest love note:).

Since my hubby is returning home for good tonight from his out of town job (and it's my turn to write in it) I figured it would be a great time to break it out again!

This is another fun thing that I found this week at Ikea. They had these cute little ice cube trays for $1.99. It'll be a fun finish touch to our date tonight.

I also got a fish tray for the kids for summer. I'm thinking it'll be great for mini Popsicles too.

Most of the time it's just the small simple things that mean the most.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thank You Teachers

I love doing a cute little something to express thanks to my kids' teachers. They work so hard and don't get paid nearly enough! This cute little jar is fun to fill with their favorite candy. I got this little jar at Ikea. Add a little sticker and some ribbon and it's adorable. It's fun to do by itself if you're on a tight budget or with a gift card.

These personalized signs are super fun. This is a 6"x18" piece of MDF. And then the background sticker says the teacher's name and then the overlay sticker has the school name and mascot. So in this case: Boulder Creek Bulldogs. I made this kit up for a customer and she'll do all the work of painting and so that is a great way to save money too! Just order a kit to make your bucks stretch a little farther.

I love this little tile. The quote from Helen Keller is priceless. Pier One is a great place to buy an easel. Also if you want to make the tile yourself I love to buy these tiny ones at Lowe's. Home Depot is a great place too. This is a very affordable gift though. $4 if you order from me and $2.50 for just the sticker.

What is it about wrapping something up and sticking a ribbon on it that make it just so much cuter? I had movie gift cards for my kid's teachers and a card which is great, but it just seemed like it needed something... a little movie candy from Wal-Mart for $1 a box and then I wrapped it up... so much cuter!

Okay and this last idea is my favorite for the year! It's from a friend of mine who is a teacher, so you KNOW it's a good one. I said to her what am I going to do for the music teacher who goes early every week so my kids can be in the choir. Not to mention my daughter rotated teachers this year and want to do something for each of them. Now I would love to give each of them a gift card to the movies, but let's face it I still have to fill my tank up with gas... so she suggested chips and salsa from Chilli's. It's only $3.00 and they wrap it up. So we just wrapped up the salsa and stuck a note on it that said Thank You for "chippin" in this year to make it extra spicy! Love love the idea. Thanks Stacey!

It's crazy that another year has zipped by. I am so grateful for great teachers and especially the ones that we have had this year. They have been amazing!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bulldog Pride

The staff at Boulder Creek had this cute phrase in the office which I was excited to be able to put vinyl up there for them to make it a little more permanent. I so appreciate all of the hard work that the teachers and staff in school do for my kids!

I love the idea of paw prints. They would be adorable in a jungle themed room. One huge paw print with Wild Things as an overlay or small paw prints leading up to a lion... the possibilities are really endless!