Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's The Little Things That Matter

This is one of my favorite "traditions" that David and I have. A few years ago I made this little Love Notes book with a 6"x8"photo book. It has the nice thick pages that you can write and keep love notes in long term. David and I take turns from time to time writing each other Love Notes. I tied a little piece of ribbon to mark the page for easy access to the latest love note:).

Since my hubby is returning home for good tonight from his out of town job (and it's my turn to write in it) I figured it would be a great time to break it out again!

This is another fun thing that I found this week at Ikea. They had these cute little ice cube trays for $1.99. It'll be a fun finish touch to our date tonight.

I also got a fish tray for the kids for summer. I'm thinking it'll be great for mini Popsicles too.

Most of the time it's just the small simple things that mean the most.

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