Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back To School

It wouldn't feel like back to school time without blinging out our folders... just a little bit. Okay so maybe it would, but we just love to do it anyway. A little paper, a little ribbon and a little vinyl can make looking at your homework folder a little more fun, right?

When we are getting ready to go back to school it seems like you have to label EVERYTHING! So why not make it a little fun?

I love how these water bottles turned out.

So if you are making stickers at home on your Cricket I think the most important tip for vinyl on a water bottle is use a chunky font if you want to be able to run it through the dishwasher and have it last. Even with a very durable vinyl if your lettering is too thin over time you will loose a letter or two to the dishwasher. You could always hand wash, but I prefer not to if my dishwasher can do the work for me. I also try to avoid using the matte vinyl for water bottles and go with the vinyl that is thicker and a little more durable for water and heat. Or you can always email me and I would love to print out names for you.

I had a little fun with this water bottle. I thought it would be fun to do polka-dots to go with her lunch box.

A couple of years ago my kids made these pencil boxes. I let them decorate it how they wanted to and they are still using them! So cute and they had a ton of fun doing it.

I hope that everyone has a great first day at school! We have had such a fun summer. I have loved being with my kids and I will miss them, but I'm so grateful that they can get a good education!

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