Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hang Your Stockings

Here is a how to if you want to make your own Stocking Hanger. The board that I used is 8" tall and 36" wide. I routed it and painted it a cranberry red color.

Next I stained it. This photo was taken after the 1st coat of stain. As you can see it needed another application. I let the stain set for 24 hours after each application. After I stained the sign I put two backs in the back. I think that it is important to use two backs on this sign so when kids are touching their stockings your sign will be stable.

After I put the backs on I applied the sticker.

Now the only thing that was left to do was to decide where to put the knobs. My favorite place to buy knobs is Home Depot because you can find some for under $2.00. Knobs can get really pricey, so if you're looking to do this for a reasonable price go to Home Depot. I like using knobs because they are very secure. I laid them on the board so I could make sure I liked how they looked and then measured from there. I placed the knobs 1 1/2 up from the bottom. Then the next step is to drill the holes where you have marked and screw the knobs on.

I made this sign for a boutique so it doesn't have personalized names. If you'd like to order one I'd love to personalize the names for your family above the knobs. You're always welcome to order the stickers and do it yourself too:).

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