Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Award Ribbons

I have to admit that this seemed like it was going to be one of the easiest crafts ever. After 3 extra trips to Hobby Lobby I knew I was dead wrong. So I just have to blog about it to share my tips to save you time and a few trips to the craft store.

So the concept itself is pretty simple. Acetate ribbon is perfect for making the award ribbons and it's not that expensive to get a huge roll of it, especially if it's on sale. So start by folding the ends of the ribbon diagonally so that it forms a triangle in the back. We also added a slip of paper that had the award name on the back so we could write down who was getting the ribbon once the scoring was completed if we wanted to.

We (I roped one of my friend into helping me with this little adventure) then used a little tombo on the back just to secure the ribbon a little better and then we added the brad.

Next I put the lettering on, which was the easiest part of this project.

Lastly I used embroidery floss to make the tassel part that you can hang the ribbon with. I would have liked to used some corded ribbon and frayed the end, but I could not find a big enough brad. Originally I bought a little bigger brad, but it was to "thick" for the ribbon, I think it was made to go through leather. I'm sure there is a place online to buy these or even a specialty scrapbook store, but I just didn't have the time to research that out.

In the end they turned out really nice, but I'm not sure that the savings is that great over ones that you actually buy if you consider the time that it takes.

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