Friday, June 1, 2012

Chore Charts

These chore charts are one of my favorite things about this summer so far!  I love the slow down of not having to rush to be ready for school every morning, but let's face it will still need to get some work done around the house.  These are perfect for us!  Everyone one knows what's expected of them for the day and I can easily see how to organize what I need help with.

I decided on using frames so that I have the ability to write on the glass with dry erase markers.  I love rotating the chores and I didn't want to have to store cards or magnets that we weren't using on a particular day.  I decided on tall skinny ones because they fit perfect in my space.

Next I cut and pieced together 2 12x12 pieces of paper with tombo.

I antiqued the edges of the paper with black ink.

I used vinyl on the paper for the names so that they would be protected behind the glass from kids writing over them, etc.  I added one little embellishment by each name.

I debated about putting the everyday chores underneath the glass or on top of the glass.  I decided to put it on top of the glass just in case I wanted to change things up... like say someone quits the violin... I don't want to have to re-do the whole chore chart.  I'll just peel of practice violin and still be good to go.

My favorite part about this chore chart is writing the other chores that we rotate in dry erase marker.  So far the kids are loving this new arrangement.  (We'll see how long that lasts though:).  They check off their chores when they're done and my little guy even writes new ones on that I ask him to do (like put in a trash bag) if it's not written on there.

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