Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rustic Joy Christmas Sign

I love love love making Christmas decorations!  This sign was inspired by an old piece of wood that my husband had acquired.  I asked him to get rid of it and most of it disappeared but a long strip was left.  After looking at it for months I realized it would be the perfect rustic sign!  So got started.

I choose the roughest side for the front and painted it red.  Needless to say at this point my hubby was a little worried about how my idea was going to turn out!   The next thing I did was apply a vinyl JOY.  Note the fabulous blue color:).  I used a color I had a lot of since I wasn't leaving it on.  The next thing I did was apply a lot of car wax to the sides.  I did this because I was some of the red to come through.

Then I got started on the top coat.  I sprayed 6-8 coats of white on top.  (Of course letting the paint dry in between each coat.)  After the paint dried I removed the vinyl and used a rag to rub off the wax and behold the beautiful red that came through!  The wax part is kind of messy so be prepared for that.  

Once all of that was completed I rubbed in a coat of stain to the top.

For the finishing touches I drilled hole 1.5" in from the sides and added wire, a ribbon and rustic jingle bells!

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