Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vinyl On Canvas

I absolutely love decorating with vinyl on a canvas.  This piece of art has an amazing story behind it.  Using a canvas as a backdrop for your vinyl gives your space a wonderful look.  

Adding vinyl to a white canvas is an awesome look.  When you are applying the vinyl on canvas you need to be careful that you apply enough pressure so the vinyl will adhere to the canvas, but you want to be careful not to stretch the canvas when you apply the vinyl.

My sister painted this canvas and then we added the vinyl to it.  The marble painting and the old fashioned writing give this an old fashioned, sophisticated feel. 

Using a smaller canvas can be the perfect addition to a shelf!

This idea was inspired by a friend of mine.  I printed vinyl that fit the canvas exactly and then removed the letters so the vinyl acted as a negative and then I actually painted the wording on.  The other thing that I tried with this canvas that I absolutely loved was I actually stained it!  I didn't want the look of the stark white canvas this time, but I didn't want a painted look... just more of a light antiqued look.  It worked like a charm.  I always like to let my projects dry for 24 hours after applying stain.  Next time I might trying painting my canvas first and then adding the stain just to see which one works better and if it produces a different look.    

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