Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Craft

I want to share with you this super fun, easy and cheap craft that a very good friend of mine shared with me. These jars are my kids favorite Halloween decoration and even the 10 year old boys that come over to carpool can't get enough of these either. They are always rearranging them and admiring them:).

So this is what you need for this craft:

An empty glass jar. Any size jar is great and having different shapes is super fun
Tissue Paper
Mod Podge
Paint Brush

The 1st step is to cut your tissue paper in strips. We did about 1" strips. Next paint the Mod Podge on your jar in strips and glue the paper on. After that has dried apply your faces. I of course used vinyl, but you could cut faces out of tissue paper if you'd like. The last step was to add a thin black ribbon to the top of the jar to "finish" off the look. We did that with a dob of hot glue. You can put in the battery operated lights, or small candles to light up at night. The kids love how they glow. They are super cute. Thanks T for sharing this idea with me. I had to pass it along so you and your gremlins can enjoy them as much as we are:).

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