Monday, October 3, 2011

My Pumpkin Patch

A couple of years ago I saw in Better Homes and Garden that they decorated the carve-able pumpkins that you can buy at craft stores. This quickly became one of my all time favorite things to do for fall! (I can't wait to show you my Thanksgiving pumpkin also).

I love this Off With Your Head pumpkin. I started by placing the vinyl on the pumpkin first. Then I took ribbon, and I used the kind that's 50 cents a spool for this one and corsage pins to adhere the ribbon down the ridges. I did every other ridge roughly and finished off each ribbon with a dab of hot glue underneath. It's fun for Halloween and let's be honest, some days I wish I could get away with saying "Off with your head" when something isn't going so smoothly. This is a fast, easy craft. If you can find a pumpkin on clearance then it is very affordable too!

I love this beaded pumpkin. First a friend of mine helped me sketch the design on the pumpkin and then I started gluing different sized beads with hot glue on the design. this pumpkins was very time consuming and got a little pricey with all of the beads, but it is such a fun addition.

I think the eek! is adorable. I found the spider at Michael's last year and I think that it totally makes the pumpkin!

I hope everyone has had a great start to fall! Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays! Please message me if you'd like to order vinyl for a your carve-able pumpkin It usually runs about $1.50 for this kind of decal. Happy Monday everyone!

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