Friday, October 21, 2011

Spice Up Your Witch Hat

Dressing up as a witch is absolutely one of my favorite costumes! You can be scary, you can be cute and you can be funky. Every witch costume definitely needs a hat though! And after today I also think that my Halloween decor will not seem complete without a fun witch hat!

I see so many possibilities for ways to spruce up your witch hat, but I will share what I did with you today.

So this is what I started with... just your basic black hat.

I think that it would be adorable to add a boa to this and some beading, but today I went a different route... tulle. I used a spool of tulle that I got from Hobby Lobby and I made a loop with it and hand sewed it to the hat. I did 2 or 3 loops about every inch all the way around the hat.

Next I added two feathery clips and a flower which I made into a clip. I also purchased these items at Hobby Lobby.

I thought about just gluing these to the hat, but I decided to just clip them to the tulle so that when Halloween is over they would be removable and available to wear year round.

I love all of the possibilities that Halloween brings! Have a great weekend everyone:).

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  1. I love the witch hat! It is super cute adding all the extra stuff!